4 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Drive More Sales

Instagram has 300 million active users per month that is far more then Twitter. It also provides a great platform for the users to connect with their favorite products using the medium of photographs and images.

Below we share some tips to ensure that you get the most out of our Instagram followers.

#1 Profile Link

The only place you can post a link to your website or business on Instagram is your profile page, therefore don’t mention to add a link or connection with your business’s website that can ensure that your Instagram followers convert to actual traffic on your business site.

#2 Account Name and Profile Picture

Choose an Instagram name and profile picture that is relatable and recognizable. Most businesses tend to change their name and profile picture a lot creating a confusion in the followers regarding the true identity of the page. Therefore be consistent but don’t sacrifice creativity.

#3 Sharing Photos

90% of the information that our brain receives is in form of visual cues or photos. Using this recognition power you can create a strong brand for your business. Share photos and facts about your product in a very interesting and unique way to ensure that users wish to follow you.

#4 Be Professional

When sharing photos or posts on your Instagram page ensure that you do not sacrifice professionalism. Ensure that all the posts are high quality and carry a value for your followers.

It is not only the huge user base that makes Instagram a great marketing option, but research reveals that most Instagram users are actual buyers that search for actual products over the platform. If you’re still not sure where to start, watch this CJ video about Instagram Marketing, it’s going to help you out for sure!