Best Practices When Writing for Mobile Audience

As content is still a very important element to digital marketing success, your approach must also evolve along with the advent of the latest technology. One of these is how the mobile devices have taken over the world for the past few years. With the use of mobile devices, readers are using small screens to interact with the content. With this, you writing style must take into account these factors.

Here are some of the best practices when writing for mobile audience:

Mobile experience

The experience of reading on a mobile device is different from that of a larger screen. On larger screens or desktop computers, eye-movements typically start at the upper left corner and move right and then down, while on mobile devices, eye-movements will likely stay in the center of the screen. With this, people may engage on the text on a mobile device differently as compared to a larger screen, and your mobile content writing should reflect this.

Consider short solid headlines

As much as possible, have short headlines as they are easy to scan and digest on a mobile device. Long headlines might be okay on larger screens. However, they can take up most of the screen on a small mobile device. Create short and strong headlines that capture attention without occupying the whole screen.

Start with your most powerful point

On a mobile device, so little of your content will be displayed at one time. With this, try to start with your most powerful point or make the strongest claim upfront for your readers to be interested in what you are going to say. Take note that readers want to decide quickly whether or not they’ll read your content.

Have short paragraphs

Another thing to think about is how your text will appear on the small screen. Avoid having long paragraphs with more than five or six sentences as it hard for your audience to decipher. Instead, write short paragraphs that are easier to follow on a mobile device.

Focus on your topic

It is important to focus on your topic in your mobile content writing. Your readers want to get the essentials quickly and they don’t have the time for distractions. So, eliminate those unnecessary statements and say what you need in order to make your point.

Essential Skills That Will Help You Succeed in an Online Business

When running an online business, there are a number of critical skills that will increase your chances of achieving success. It may be true that you can never have enough knowledge, but acquiring new skills will make you a more efficient entrepreneur, especially in the fast-paced world of technology. Here are some essential skills that will help you succeed as an online entrepreneur:


Having an online business will test your technical abilities. It might be easy to buy a domain and a hosting plan. However, things can get pretty complicated from there. For example, if you want a custom design a template for your site or what if your WordPress site gets hacked, how will you get it back up and running as soon as possible? These are just some of the technical aspects that you have to deal with.


Another skill that you have to develop is SEO (search engine optimization). Most websites rely on organic search as the main source of traffic. This process begins the keyword research, then creating optimized content. You might have to constantly tweak your website to improve its SEO. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to compete with other online businesses. Other things include having a responsive design, backlink building, load times, etc.

Creating quality content

‘Content is king’, as they used to say. This just emphasizes the importance of having a quality, value-added and search engine-optimized content. Take note that a good content is one way to drive traffic, build trust and attract new leads and customers to your business. However, content doesn’t have to be text-based always. It can also be podcasts and videos.

Demonstrate expertise in your niche

In order to gain trust with your target audience, you have to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your chosen industry. As you begin your journey as an entrepreneur, you may not necessarily know all of the ins and outs of your niche. But if you want to rise quickly in your industry, invest in your growth and become a voracious student of it.