3 Easy Tips to Grow Your Business on Social Media

In the 20th century it is difficult to imagine a world where social media is not an integral part of society.

Today websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have billions of active users that are always on a lookout for new and creative products, brands, tools and ideas. Below we share some of the steps through which you can glean most out of your social media marketing campaign.

Tip #1 – Provide Value

If you only post advertisements on social media page then you would not be able to attract a lot of followers. In order to be truly impactful you should follow the commonly used principle of 1 in 7.

This principle states that out of every 7 posts only 1 should relate to advertising while the rest should concentrate on providing quality and insightful content to your followers. By using this idea you would be able to create a much more valuable tool for your business.

Tip #2 – Listen

Question is a very powerful tool to start a conversation. Most users on social media love to share their opinion on different topics. You can use this opinionated audience to your advantage by asking thought provoking questions relating to your business.

Such questions have the power to spark a conversation that could spread like a wildfire amongst different groups of people over the internet.

Tip #3 – Surprise Your Audience

Reward your audience for regularly interacting with you. The active users on your page or forum should get custom notification or should be mentioned as the lead contributors over your page. You can also provide small incentives for remaining connected with your pages.

Social media has become a very important and powerful tool for small business to excel and fulfill their marketing needs. Compared to traditional marketing social media provides a cheaper and much more effective alternative.

If you’re still not convinced about social media and the impact that it can have in your business, look at the following infographic, it may help you get a better idea of how everything works and why.