Best Practices When Writing for Mobile Audience

As content is still a very important element to digital marketing success, your approach must also evolve along with the advent of the latest technology. One of these is how the mobile devices have taken over the world for the past few years. With the use of mobile devices, readers are using small screens to interact with the content. With this, you writing style must take into account these factors.

Here are some of the best practices when writing for mobile audience:

Mobile experience

The experience of reading on a mobile device is different from that of a larger screen. On larger screens or desktop computers, eye-movements typically start at the upper left corner and move right and then down, while on mobile devices, eye-movements will likely stay in the center of the screen. With this, people may engage on the text on a mobile device differently as compared to a larger screen, and your mobile content writing should reflect this.

Consider short solid headlines

As much as possible, have short headlines as they are easy to scan and digest on a mobile device. Long headlines might be okay on larger screens. However, they can take up most of the screen on a small mobile device. Create short and strong headlines that capture attention without occupying the whole screen.

Start with your most powerful point

On a mobile device, so little of your content will be displayed at one time. With this, try to start with your most powerful point or make the strongest claim upfront for your readers to be interested in what you are going to say. Take note that readers want to decide quickly whether or not they’ll read your content.

Have short paragraphs

Another thing to think about is how your text will appear on the small screen. Avoid having long paragraphs with more than five or six sentences as it hard for your audience to decipher. Instead, write short paragraphs that are easier to follow on a mobile device.

Focus on your topic

It is important to focus on your topic in your mobile content writing. Your readers want to get the essentials quickly and they don’t have the time for distractions. So, eliminate those unnecessary statements and say what you need in order to make your point.

3 Tactics to Help You Build Your Brand

A brand carries a very unique value, it has the capability of creating instant recognition for your products and also provides a great opportunity for the customers to improve their interaction with your product or service. Below we share few simple methods through which you can create a strong brand image for your products.

1) Create a visual point of focus for your customers. A unique logo or packaging can create a strong and impactful perception in the minds of your customers. Use themes, colors and shapes that match the ideology and essence of your product. Do market research to understand what your customer wants from your product and reflect those desires in the logo or packaging of your product.

affinity-marketing2) Affinity marketing refers to the technique through which you can sell your products in relation with other products that are used in combination with your product. Using such a technique you would be able to attract the customers of one brand towards another and create a strong impression over your customers.

3) Human beings have a very strong sense of shapes, figurine, colors and packaging, therefore associate a recognizable mascot, face or celebrity with your products to create a sense of familiarity that would motivate the users to get attracted to your products.

A brand not only motivates the manufacturer to improve and perfect their product in order to hold the loyalty of their customers, but it also creates loyalty amongst the customers ensuring that you are able to secure a place for yourself in the market.